Valentine’s Crafts – Gift Tags and Home-made Cards

Here are instructions for two great Valentine’s Crafts; Valentine’s Day Gift Tags shaped like candy hearts, and Hand-Made Valentine’s Day Cards.
Valentine’s Day Gift Tags
Remember those little candy hearts with the Valentine’s Day message on them? You can may a paper version on them to decorate your presents this Valentine’s Day. These make really cute tie-on gift tags for a special Valentine’s present!

Construction paper (red, pink, and white, or any pastels)
Magic Markers or craft pens
Glue or glue stick

Step 1 ~
Use the scissors to cut out hearts from the construction paper. You can make nice symmetrical hearts by folding the paper in half, and cutting out half a heart. When you unfold it, the two sides will be perfectly matched. They can can any size you like, just be sure that you make them big enough to write on.

Step 2 ~
On one side of each heart, use the magic markers or craft pens to write messages in block letters, just like those little candy hearts you see a Valentine’s day. Messages such as ‘BE MINE’, ‘SWEETIE’, ‘U R CUTE’, and so on.

Step 3 ~
On the opposite side of each heart, write the ‘To:’ and ‘From:’ of the gift you’ll be putting these on.

Step 4 ~
Cut the ribbon into short segments; about 3 inches works well. Cut one for each of the hearts you made. Form the ribbon into a loop, and glue both ends together at the top of the back of each heart. You may need to hold them in place a few moments to let them dry.

Step 5 ~
Attach the hearts to your Valentine’s Day gifts!

Hand-Made Valentine’s Day Cards
You can make your very own hand-made Valentine’s Day cards. They’ll be extra special because you made them yourself.

Construction paper (red, pink, and white, or any pastels)
Glue or glue stick

Step 1 ~
Decide on a base color for your card. (Mine in the image with this article is pink.) Cut a piece of construction paper in half, and then fold one of the pieces in half. (Save the other half for another card, or a different project.) If you want to make a giant card, you could skip cutting the paper, and just fold the full sheet in half.

Step 2 ~
Use the scissors to cut out hearts from the construction paper. You can make nice symmetrical hearts by folding the paper in half, and cutting out half a heart. When you unfold it, the two sides will be perfectly matched. They can can any size you like, as long as they’re smaller then the folded base card you made in step 1. Make a variety of different sizes and colors of hearts. I used red and white in the example, but you can use whatever colors you like, or think the person you’re making the card for will like.

Step 3 ~
Using the glue or glue stick, arrange one or more of the hearts on the front of the base card. There’s no right or wrong way, just be creative! Then set then aside for a little while to let the glue dry.

Step 4 ~
Once it’s dry, you can open the card and write your message on the inner part of the card. You could also glue more hearts in there if you like.

I like using hearts for this project because they’re easy to cut out. If you can draw and cut other shapes, or if you have stencils to use, you could also decorate your cards with cupids or other designs. Let your imagination run wild!


Handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teachers

Teachers really do love handmade gifts. Valentine’s Day gifts that are handmade and practical too are really great. I think I speak for many teachers when I say that homemade chocolate baked goods are very practical. However, this cute Valentine’s Day craft our family is making for teachers (and grandmothers too) are really unique and practical too.
Ink pens are a teacher’s best friend. They sometimes seem like a natural extension of our hands. We are always writing notes, reports, lesson plans, letters, lists, grades and on and on. Why not make a special ink pen for a special teacher this Valentine’s Day? Are there classroom teachers, music teachers, tutors, youth group leaders or Sunday school teachers on your Valentine’s Day list this year? You and the kids can decorate a pen for each of them.

A special pen covered with “bling” takes less than a half an hour to create.

glue gun and glue sticks or glue dots
beads (including tiny ones)
a pen
cloth table cover
Consider adding “teacher” themed items such as paper clips, small erasers and wiggly eyes. You can also use wooden letter beads. You could add the teacher’s initials, name or spell out “teacher.” You could also add the year with number beads.

Cover your work space and spread out all of the supplies. The decorating process can move rather quickly if you have everything ready. Begin by adding the buttons, beads or gems down one side in a straight line. If you’re using a hot glue gun, less is more. Make only small dots of glue. Do one line at a time and don’t worry about spaces at first. Most pens will require four rows. Now that you have basic coverage over your pen you can fill in any spaces with tiny beads.

Tip: If you want to add larger items like an eraser, big button or paper clip, don’t glue them directly to the pen. Put a flat button on first and then glue the items on top of the buttons. The buttons will give you more gluing surface than the pen itself. Let the pen dry for at least 15 minutes.

Once your decorated pen is dry, you’ll want to test it. Simply grip it naturally and start writing or doodling and see if any decorations fall off that weren’t secured. In our experience, one to three items would fall off each time. Sometimes you see they aren’t needed and other times you’ll want to replace them with a bigger dot of glue.  For more great presents have you ever thought of word art prints?

A decorated pen can be just the “write” handmade gift to tell a teacher that she’s/he’s very special this Valentine’s Day.

Plastic Coke Bottle Art: How to Make a Vintage-Inspired Candle Holder Gift

This simple vintage inspired candleholder makes a great gift or affordable vintage tabletop décor anyone can make. Using simple left over materials you can make a substantial looking candleholder that will fool everyone!
I love this simple craft project because it really does use up a variety of materials almost everyone I know has laying around the house. These simple candleholders also use tapered candle, which are far less expensive than pillar candles.

The kids should be able to make these simple vintage inspired candleholders in less than an hour. I think each one should cost you $5 or less, depending on what materials you end up needing to buy.

To Make These Simple Vintage Inspired Tapered Candle Holders You Will Need:

Fun Foam or Felt

Clay (optional)

20 Oz Coke Bottles

Sharp Knife


Hammered Metal Spray Paint or Shabby chic antique white spray paint

Black Velvet or Vintage Patterned Ribbon

Beads (optional)

Hot glue

The first step is to cut out some vintage architectural type details from your fun foam or felt. I like to think of patterns like you would see on and old dresser or armoire. Swirls, scrolls, and almost any pattern.

If you want you could create these shapes out of clay for a more three demoniacal look. Press them to the coke bottle to get the right curve. Now, set them out to dry. Once they dry you can glue them in place on the coke bottle.

Go ahead and remove the coke label off of the bottle. You can use a little Windex to help remove any sticky or stubborn parts of the label.

Now, cut off the dome shaped top of the coke bottle. I like to insert my knife, start working my way around until it is removed. After you have take this top part off you can use you sharp scissors to clean up the edges and make them straight. Now, this is the one part of the project you may need to help the kids do. Older kids could probably help younger kids with this step as well.

Now, your dome and mouth of the coke bottle is going to be the base of the Valentine’s Day candleholder, so make sure it is stable.

Now, make sure you have bunch of newspaper laid out on your table to protect it while the kids work.

Now, glue on your architectural details around the base of the candle votive. Create a pattern flowing around the plastic base.

Now, use your spray paint to coat the entire outside of the coke bottle. You can use a hammer metal for more texture. You can also spray on antique white spray paint. Let this completely dry. The paint will make the felt, fun foam or clay look like part of the coke bottle.

Now, before you paint you can start running a bead of hot glue or white glue around the outside of the bottom of the dome. Place some old ribbon around the edge making sure that half of the ribbon is on the outside of the dome. This will give you a more finished edge. You could also use pinking sheers to cut around the bottom of the coke bottle.

Once every thing has dried you can tie a black velvet ribbon around the mouth of the coke bottle. Put a drip less tapered candle in the votive and you can set an elegant and vintage table for very little money!